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Answering your most popular questions that you may have before attending our classes:

What do I need to know before attending my first pole lesson?

What to bring?

We recommend wearing tight fitting shorts, sports bra (if needed) and a vest top. For those who aren't ready to wear tight fitting shorts, no problem! You are welcome to wear leggings/jogging bottoms for your first few classes. We want you to feel comfortable and at ease. The more skin we have on show, the easier pole is as it allows us to grip to the pole.
We also recommend you bring water with you, we do sell refreshments if you forget.


Please make sure you arrive early, we cannot hear the buzzer to the studio once the class starts. We cannot permit anyone to join the class if you have missed any of the warm up, our warms up are specially designed to correctly mobilise the body and joints. If not completed you are at a high risk of injury and the instructor taking the session will not be insured to teach you.

Our main priority is our students' safety, and giving you the best class experience with the most amount of pole time possible. 

Supplied by us

We supply liquid chalk for your first few lessons if you need it, and we also sell different grips at the studio.
Feel free to ask your instructor which one they recommend for you.

We also supply cleaning sprays and pole towels. Poles must be cleaned at the start and end of each class.


Answering your questions:

- Where are the classes held?


Classes are held on the top floor of Ralli Hall.

The entrance is located to the side of the building, opposite the Esso station. There is a black door (you will sign our signs outside the entrance) When arriving, please press the buzzer and one of the instructors will buzz you in.

Find us on google maps by searching: The Pole Lab

- How do I get there?

FREE PARKING: You can get 3 hours free parking at Hove park and on Shirley drive (next to the Rugby field) These are just a short walk away from the studio. 

PAID PARKING: There is paid parking on surrounding streets and at Hove Train Station.

TRAINS: We are a 1 minute walk from Hove Train Station

BUSES: The number 7 stops directly outside Hove Train Station and is just a  1 minute walk away. Alternatively the no. 5/5B/5A bus stop is also very close. We recommend searching on google maps to find the route for you.


- How do I book a group class?


Click on the link 'BOOK CLASS'. You will need to register online and sign the online waivers/health and safety questionnaire before you are able to book on to a class. We offer drop in classes, class packs and an unlimited monthly membership. To purchase memberships/class packs, click on the 'membership' section on the booking page.



- How much does a class cost?

Change in prices in 2024:

Drop in Class: £16.50

NEW: First Timer Taster Class: £12 (CODE: POLETASTER)
Flexibility Classes: £13


Class Packs (4 weeks expiry)

4 £60 (£15 per class)

8 £116 (£14 per class)


NEW: Rolling Monthly Memberships 4 weeks

8 £104 (£13 per class)

12 £144 (£12 per class)

Private lessons start at £45, please contact us for more details.

Studio hire is available, contact us for more details


-What is the cancellation policy?

If you want to cancel your class we require a minimum of 24 hours before your class starts to avoid the penalty charge (which is the total amount of your class) if you cancel your class before the 24 hours, full payment will be refunded to you. This applies to all of our classes. After the 24 hour mark classes cannot be refunded, exchanged or passed on. 

Memberships and class packs cannot be refunded, extended or transferred. Please make sure you can complete the total amount of classes in the time frame given as we will not be able to extend or refund the membership. However if you are going away on holiday etc, we can put your membership on hold. Please contact us so we can do this for you.


- Can I attend pole dancing classes during pregnancy?


​No, we do not teach anyone at any stage in the pregnancy as the risk is too high. For more details on pole dancing and pregnancy please contact us:

- What do I wear?

​We recommend wearing tight fitting shorts, sports bras if needed and a vest top. Leggings and jogging bottoms can be worn to warm up.
For beginners classes, in your first few classes you can wear jogging bottoms and a tank top if you feel uncomfortable wearing shorts. After a few clases you will need to use more skin to help you grip to the pole so you will need to wear shorts or hotpants. 


In Heels and Pole Choreo we recommend wearing knee pads and suggest bringing socks/leggings as it can involve a lot of floorwork. Only pole specific platform shoes must be worn in heels classes, going out shoes will not be permitted. You can purchase these through sites such as and


- How many people are there per pole?


We have a maximum of 2 people per pole, allowing plenty of pole time during the class. 

-What are the benefits of pole dancing?


Builds Muscle and Tones the whole body - supporting your entire weight with one arm can be challenging and will build your upper body. It also helps strengthen your stomach muscles and you can, if you go regularly expect to see increased muscle definition in your bottom, arms and thighs. Check out our blog for more information.


-What is the age limit ?

For our adult classes you must be over the age of 16 to attend a pole dancing class. However for our teen classes these are suitable for 11-15.
All students will be required to fill out a health form before taking part in any The Pole Lab classes,  if under the age of 16 then a guardian will need to complete the form.


-Do I need any previous dance or gymnastic experience?


No, you don't need to have any previous experience or specific fitness level. The most amazing thing about pole is that it is for everyone! We always offer variations throughout all of our classes, and cater the moves around each individual. You will find your strength, flexibility and stamina will improve the more you practice pole. It is an amazing way to gain strength, confidence and great friends with the same passion in life...POLE!

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