Covid-19 Rules
and Regulations for
returning to the studio 

The health and well-being of our students and staff is the most important when returning to our studio, and following the COVID-19 restrictions, we have the confidence in providing a shared training space that is comfortable and sterile. We want to prevent the spread by encouraging our students and staff to adhere to the following post COVID-19 rules and regulation

DO NOT attend class if you are showing  any signs or symptoms of Covid, please be aware that the new delta variant has hay ever like symptoms. All instructors are regularly testing themselves, to keep you safe.
At this time we cannot offer refunds or exchanges on any cancellations past the 48hr cut off point under any circumstance. Any booking made is at the students own risk .

All students to exit the studio once they finish their class, please only bring valuables and grip in to the class. NO large bags or coats may be bought in to the studio.

Hygiene and Cleanliness

"act like you are contagious"

Our studio will provide regular cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces and all items handled by multiple people to reduce transmission of the virus. Cleaning procedures will be lifted to ensure all areas are hygienic and safe for all persons coming in and out of the building. The virus can be transmitted from the environment to people when they touch infected items and then touch their mouth, nose, and eyes. Therefore, we encourage regular hand washing and sanitising before and after class. See below further details to ensure both staff and students can help reduce the spread:

Make sure you know the signs of the virus. If you have any of these symptoms or you are sick, please do NOT come into the studio

 Studio cleaning procedures will be lifted, they include:

 Deep cleaning, weekly. And thorough cleaning by staff daily!

 'Touch Spots’ – throughout the day, your Instructors will be disinfecting all touch surfaces, this includes door handles, light switches, iphones, soap dispensers etc.

 As mentioned above, please refrain from touching your mouth, nose or eyes during your time at the studio

 There will be a sufficient supply of hand sanitizer at the studio. They will be placed around all areas of the studio, including the reception area. If you have your own hand sanitiser, please bring it with you

 Wash and sanitise your hands regularly! Before and after class, using only hand sanitiser is not a substitute for hand washing

 If possible, please keep your belongings close to you in class, and at all times. Please only bring what is essential, do not bring large bags or unnecessary items with you (e.g. place pole or aerial bag along the wall in the studio) but please wipe surface area after use.

Please wipe down your poles before and after use. WE WILL PROVIDE POLE TOWELS for pole cleaning (we suggest you bring another for your body) – before & after every class, spray your towel well with the isopropanol spray provided and thoroughly wipe all-around your pole, as high as you used it, all the way down to the ground. And do not forget the floor space you used. You must also clean your pole before and after use when sharing.

BRING YOUR OWN MAT or a full-length towel to cover ours, and to cover the mats in the studio. Please wipe down your mats after use with the spray and your own towel.

 BRING YOUR OWN KNEE PADS - We will NOT be lending them out during this time. You can purchase knee pads from Pole Emporium which is a Brighton based Pole Clothing and Accessories Store.

Bring any OTHER EQUIPMENT for yourself such as foam blocks, Thera-bands, foam rollers, massage balls etc. If you use any studio equipment, please WIPE these down after use

 Instructors will be not be spotting students at this time; the only time they will assist if they feel like the student is in danger of physically hurting themselves. Please train safe! (spotting can take place when the risk of endangering ones life is greater than the risk of Covid)




Please keep social distancing at all times, once you enter the studio please wash your hands or use the handsanitizer available. We have set up various sanitising stations throughout the building, including inside the pole studio. To wash your hands you can use either toilets at the entrance of DHY or in the kitchen - you will not be able to fill up water bottles in the sink anymore as we need to reduce the amount of time the kitchen is in use. 

You MUST NOT get changed in the toilets or studio anymore. Please arrive with your pole wear underneath your clothes. Only valuables are allowed in the pole studio, no bags of coats, as we do not have the space to store them, with keeping social distancing safe at the same time. We are working out an area for you to store this in the reception but ideally please leave large items in your car or at home.
We will supply you with a pole cleaner spray and a hand towel for you to use during the class. Once you have collected these, please move to one of the marked areas to warm up. We will not be supplying yoga mats, so please bring your own. 



Between each use of the pole, you must wipe down your pole before and after use. At the end of class you must wipe the entire part of the pole that you used. The teacher will have their own pole, which is in the centre so that you will be able to see clearly what is required to achieve the move. When you are not using the pole, we have floor stickers in the safe distance zone, where you will need to stand whilst you wait your go.

We suggest remembering who you partner with in pole, make a note of names and try to share with the same person weekly where possible.


Upon leaving the studio, please follow social distancing guidelines. Make sure you leave your sprays where you found them and the cloths in the bin provided.
Please grab your belongings and exit the building straight away, remembering to put your face coverings on as you exit. We cannot allow any loitering outside the studio anymore, and we have to have a quick turn around to be able to get the studio ready for the next group. So please do not hang around to talk to the instructors after class as we have lots of cleaning to fit in to those 15 minutes, if you have any questions you can email us on or contact us through social media.


We can no longer lend out grip, so please bring your own. You can also purchase a wide selection from Brighton based Pole Clothing and Accessory store - Pole Emporium.
We also plan on selling grip at the studio, but full payment will need to be made before purchasing.



As we have a reduced capacity at the studio, we are having to run 48hour cancellation policy at the studio. There is a zero refund or exchange policy. If you are showing signs of COVID-19 you must not enter the building, you will be required to self isolate from the studio for 14 days unless you have access to testing. If you are tested and it comes back negative, you will have to present this to the studio before returning. Alternatively once the 14 days are up, you will be able to book on to classes again. In the instance that it is COVID-19 related please contact us regarding your classes and we will revue it on a case by case basis.



Our priority is to keep everyone inside the studio safe, to do this we have a strict cleaning rota, we will be supplying towels and cleaning products for you to clean your poles between use. All instructors are testing regularly to keep you safe.
We will also be deep cleaning the studio in the evenings after class and a super deep clean weekly. All chemicals we have are safe for the skin, but also have been approved to kill viruses. If you have any allergy towards 70%+ alcohol or disinfectant, you must contact us.


At the end of class we will have 5 minutes for you to take any photos/videos of moves that you have achieved throughout the class. You MUST NOT pass your phone to any other students to do this, you can balance it on a wall or bring a SMALL tripod. Alternatively your instructor can take a photo or video and send it to you.



If you have arrived back to the UK from a zone which require self-isolating, you MUST NOT come to the studio. Please respect government guidelines, all memberships can be put on hold if you are needing to self-isolate.


If you do not feel ready to come back to group classes and would rather a smaller group or 1-2-1 lesson, please contact us. These are available throughout the week and weekends with all of our instructors.
Private lessons are available in: Pole Beginner - Elite, Exotic Pole, Fly Pole, Flexibility, Handbalancing, Floorwork etc
Prices for private lesson are as follows:

1 person - £40

2 people - £50

3 people - £60

4 people - £70


We will be updating our rules and regulations regularly, which we will post up. Our main priority is to bring you back in to a safe environment. We are so excited to see you all, lets build our strength back up together. Our doors will be open on the 27th of July, all classes are available to book.

If you have any questions about the changes, we are happy to help. Please email us at

Kind regards,


The Pole Lab Team


Attending a Pole Class